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Gemaakt om te vangen.




Vitamo: The basis of your success


Vitamo is highly digestive. While developing Vitamo, they aimed, in the first place, to obtain a substance which would affect part of the cerebral cortex, called hippocampus (via the nerve fiber Fila Olfactoria). Furthermore, it was also aimed to create a substance which would stimulate the internal glandular secretion of the fish.

The very distinctive smell of Vitamo is not only capable to attract the fish but is also stimulates to a large extent the need for food.

In fact Vitamo is odor-free. However, when in contact with air or water a strong smell will arise which is caused by osmotic gasification. While the fish inhales Vitamo via its gill arches, the smell will penetrate the white and red blood corpuscle and subsequently this process causes an impulse to eat.

Depending on the temperature of the water, Vitamo can reach a radial area of 60 to 300 centimetre. This reach is even bigger in streaming water. Test results show that Vitamo, as being penetrant and not decomposable to a high extent, is even able to neutralize insecticides.

After having applied Vitamo, the smell is effective for around 30 minutes.


In order to apply Vitamo correctly, you need to spread it on the bait by using the small brush. All kind of baits can be made attractive to a higher extent by using Vitamo which will consequently result in better catches.

Pieces of fish, or fish for pike perch, worm for bass (perch), tench or eel, potato, boillies, corn, hemp, karpro for carp, maggots for bream or rud and even wet fly and nymph for fly-fishing can be made much more attractive. The particular smell of Vitamo, regardless of what kind of bait is used, causes the above described organic process which will result in an urge to eat.

However, we strongly advise not to use Vitamo to improve the quality of the ground baits. As by using Vitamo for this kind of bait, the concentration of the fish will be distracted form the bait itself. Consequently, the fish will start eating the ground bait instead of the bait. This is of course not the process which we aim to achieve. On the contrary, not eatable substances as for example sand can be used as ground bait by treating it with Vitamo. In this case the bait is still at the center of attention.

Salt Water

Vitamo has been tested exclusively on freshwater fish. Experiments proved very clearly that Vitamo served its purposes. Also in practice, the results were indisputably spectacular.

Remarkable catches nearby fishermen who did not use Vitamo made you wonder. In other words, it was very obvious that the difference in the amount of fish catched was ascribed to the use of Vitamo.

Because of the amazing results in freshwater, some angler even started try Vitamo in saltwater. Again the effects were spectacular. Extremely good catches of eel even on 'bad days' were a result. It was very obvious that the eel preferred bait which was treated with Vitamo to bait which was not treated with Vitamo.

We have been informed on tremendously good catches of whiting which have never been reported before. The whiting was catched only with baits treated with Vitamo as they did not even touch the other bait.

New Era

With the development of Vitamo we have entered a new era in the field of 'bite stimulating' means. They set about it in the scientific way which seems to be the right direction. Vitamo has not become a smell which would please human kind as a lot of other smells do. On the contrary, Vitamo has been developed purely with the aim to obtain better catches. However, we do not state that Vitamo is a magic potion. As for example, a fish does not swim along the bottom caused by the circumstances, Vitamo will not be able to activate the fish. Nevertheless, in case the fish is active, even to a very small degree, Vitamo is definitely able to achieve better results.


We do admit there are a lot of aromatic substances available of which it is said to achieve better catches. Most probably you have already tried several of these substances and even more likely there was not even a noticeable result. But there are exceptions to the rule! Vitamo is such an exception.

Thousands of fishermen have started to believe in Vitamo after having tried it. Experience is the key for having faith in our product. Try Vitamo and you won't regret!